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Oxypas takes care of you

more Security
For staff, with equipment adapted to the risks and requirements of their profession (CE standard certification, non-slip, anti-static, etc.)

more Comfort
With ultra light shoes that promote good posture and keep back pain away.

more Fashion
Choose among more than 60 different models: add color & fantasy to your outfit!


Why choose Oxypas?

Our shoes are equipped with all technical features which are important for nursing staff.
Below, you will find more information on the main specifications. Further on in the catalog, you will find the valid specifications per model.

Actuator solution for hospital bed

Benefiting both customers and users

Our core competence is actuator solutions. And we combine our product knowledge and deliver
actuator solution to customer for retro-fitting bed and replacement spare parts

One stop shop

Our design product range enables us to deliver complete linear systems. The system allows combination of several actuators movements to be controlled via user friendly Handset and a control box.

Our system offers a wide range of solutions
that is easily integrated into your bed

Products range

An actuator is the unit what converts low DC voltage from the control box into a linear movement

Control Box
The control box is the heart of the system, linking the various connectable units like
actuators and controls. Depending on the need, it can handle memory drive, parallel run of several actuators

A control makes it possible for the user to operate the application. The controls are available as handsets, footswitches and attendant control panels.

Today’s nursing beds must have many capabilities: They need to satisfy the care needs of patients and nursing staff and they need to provide excellent functionality and user-friendliness in support of performance and intuitive operation.

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