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Warehouse Management System

Indigo WMS has proven to transform businesses and will transform yours too.
Our systems have been devised specifically to optimise your warehouse operation and improve efficiency.

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LINEAR TECHNOLOGY - moving and positioning

We offer you a wide range of linear units , lifting columns and electric cylinders in a wide variety of designs and performance ranges.

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Oxypas takes care of you

Oxypas also supplies hospitals, retirement homes and institutions. Do you want to equip your employees with Oxypas shoes

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MST(THALAND) Co., Ltd. in short ” MSTC ” has develop since 2006 Mechanical and Electrical work.
MSTC’s main focus in the development of Industrial and Medical Equipment related projects covering designing, supplying, installation and supervision of those works to accomplish owner’s requirements while being in compliance with engineering standard.

Strategy and Logic

MSTC believes that all clients require their project to be completed in the fastest time, good quality of work and as economically as possible.
MSTC’s professional team starts with good planning, well coordination with suppliers to control the quality and on time supply of materials, supplying proper quantity of experienced man power and strictly supervise the quality of work to ensure the clients of good work in terms of quality assurance, time and cost.
MSTC always look forward to having long term business with clients and realizes that after handed over of works and still have the commitment to service with clients all the time when the clients need. beside the clients,
MSTC maintains good relation with the suppliers in order to get good price of materials, on time delivery to the sites and special service when need.

The Advantage to the Client

To ensure that the client to have his project certainly completed on-time.

To ensure that the client to receive good quality of work.

To ensure that the client to pay at reasonable and economical price for the job.

To ensure that the client to get good service even after handed over of works.

Our research department and design engineers are at your disposal to get the optimal application according to your technical requirements, to determine the life time and the maintenance specifications.

Our engineering and design department as well as our production plant are based in ISO standard, therefore we are AVAILABLE and REACTIVE to meet your needs. Our worldwide network supports you in your international business. You can contact our engineering and design department at any time for any application.